The Sky part 2

I carried the sky, the weight of the  atmosphere on my back. My muscles begging for release. The pain in my body was unbelievable but I couldn’t let go. The sky was beauty and grace. It held everything I cared about so I couldn’t drop it, I didn’t want to. I couldn’t crack everything I cared about, no matter how much pain I was in.

Then one day you came along, and I was no longer alone. You held me carry the sky, and no matter the pain, you always held on. I could finally share the weight of the sky with someone else, you helped take away some of the pain. 

Then suddenly one day I was alone again, I was holding up the sky without you. And I needed you to be there because I suddenly couldn’t do it without you, and I to hold on and push through the pain but the sky felt much heavier now, the pain in my body was too much and I finally fell,

I could no longer carry the sky. When I dropped it, I broke along with the rest of it. The sky shattered into chunks of blue around me and all I could see was the dark, but then suddenly I was looking at the stars. The infinite possibilities of the universe were present infant of me in blurs of light and dark. I no longer needed to hold up the sky, because without the sky and without you, I was free to be me. 


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