You Are Not My Everything

You are not my everything

for a while I believe you were

I believed that you held my heart in your heart and could make it jump when                   you choice to

I though that you had the map to my brain                                                                                     and had figured out all its intricate mazed

but i realize not that is only a wish,

You do not have the answers to my life nor do you hold the key to my happiness, You didn’t event know you were my everything and maybe I can blame myself for that.

But I wanted so badly for you to be the string that tied my life together,

I wanted a romance like the ones I have read about

But you didn’t want to be my something let alone my everything

and now I have realized  that I don’t want to rely on you

to be my everything

because you don’t have everything yourself

I can hold the own answers to the riddles in my brain and I can create my own heart beating moments

So I have decided that you are not my everything,

because I am.





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