Hello dear Editor,

please change these words,

grab a thesaurus and make my degrading mental mind sound more detailed and fabulous as each tick of the clock leaves another neuron dead,

please edit my sentences so they feel less like

prison              s         e        n      t          e           n            c            e        s

as they expand on and trap everything in the confined cages of the feelings I can actually express in words.

please dot all the eyes of the people that roll them at my stupid mistakes and cross the t’s of all the crosses I have bore in this life,

Editor please loop the letters of my pain so they can look connected and official,

then one day someone can read the hand crafted art that was plucked from the minds of the damned and the words of the scholars and believe I made something of my misery,

Thank you for you the support of my ever crumbling humanity

-Yours truly


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