For Rachel 

You are an evergreen in a forest of shrubs,

You extend out over the world asserting your dominate and enlightening the skylight with your beauty,

You are strong and will never waver,

not even for the strongest of winds,

Your roots stretch farther than anyone can know, which mades you sturdy and grounded but also lets your existence extend far into the forest of others and help support their foundations,

The sunlight raiders through you and allows for warmth everywhere you are.

Your great tree branches provide shelter to the wandering animals of the forest and provide nutrients for all the people who consider you home,

and one day you even help a wandering hiker,

a young girl who was just lost in the ways of the world and just needed something to give her hope,

then she stumbled upon the evergreen in the forest,

and it seems ridiculous that such a magnificent tree could provide such comfort to her,

yet she has never felt more at home


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