How much do you sleep?

I don’t know if I can tell you an exact number but I can tell you how it feels:

Sleeping is like a privilege that only the richest can afford because it enriches each fay by immense accords,

I used to sleep like I use toothpaste: plentiful and squeezing out as much as I can.

I crave it when I’m gone but man oh man do I love it the most because it doesn’t hurt to sleep when you feel this broke.


Or are you talking about the lack thereof?

The sleep deprived aching mind stuck on the acts of yesterday-ing,

unable to shut your brain off for more than a few hours because who knows what can happen, right?

A drive to stay awake and alert like a mama cub afraid her bears will get hurt and people will assume it’s a blessing but really its just as messy,

as my mind feels after only a few hours of silence because sleep is a luxury only few can afford and in this situation I’m not written about in Forbes,


So sleep is a privilege or an escape if you will but either way you have to swallow the pill

of daily life and worries and all the above,

so really if your broken who gives a fuck?



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